"I am tired. Too full of stuff I’ve done. Where my legs hurt where my scalp hurts. I’ll not fight the thing inside me anymore. Let it eat me up. Please God. I want it to."

— Eimear McBride, A Girl is a Half-formed Thing (via quoted-books)


How in the hell have I gone through life until now without having seen Jean Genet’s short film masterpiece A Song of Love (Un chant d’amour)? Some people might write it off as vintage arthouse gay porn, but, well, those people have obviously not seen that much gay porn. Yes, it’s arthouse, yes, it’s most definitely gay-centric, but that’s what makes it so revolutionary. This was released in 1950. 1950. 19 fucking 50. The huge size of Genet’s balls for making such an extraordinary piece in a beyond tumultuous time for gays is enough to make him a new hero of mine. Oh, and it’s also an important and profound piece of filmmaking. This is a silent short film that has the ability to both transfix and transport you. I’m semi to totally gushing right now but whatever. Loved it. If you’re interested in watching, then it’s on YouTube. Ugh, it’s such a fucking shame that Genet didn’t make more films.